• Kathryn Bollinger


Happy New Year! The start of a new year is something that everyone around the world celebrates. People look back on the previous year and think of everything they accomplished or everything they could have done. They make their new years resolutions for the upcoming year. This is has become like a tradition over the years. This year people did not talk about new years resolutions. People talked about basically just having a whole new year to celebrate all together. This was because the world has changed so dramatically in 2020. COVID impacted so many lives in negative and positive ways. I think that this has brought new outlooks on life for many. So for some, new years was all about just moving forward from 2020. For others, they are looking into the future of how things can only get better from here. With that being said, I am glad many people had plenty of good things that still happened in 2020. I for one, had a rough year but still had the biggest miracle I ever wanted. I also think 2020 reminded people what is most important in life. Health and family are things you should never take for granted. Going into 2021, I hope everyone found something to look forward too.

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