• Kathryn Bollinger

Almost Christmas!

Christmas is on Friday, that is just 4 days away. Is everyone ready? I know I still have to finish wrapping what is sitting upstairs. Yes, I am procrastinating but really there are just a couple odds and ends that I need to get. There is that package or two that should be here last minute. Since I decided to do simple this year I want to go get gift bags to put the presents versus wrapping everything. It seems I am not the only one doing last minute things. I have seen a common trend that people either are working too much because of the situation at hand in the world. So they have not had time to take care of all their Christmas shopping needs. Or people are not working and well they do not have the means to have a nice Christmas like usual. This leaves them not knowing what to do this year. Very opposite extremes but unlike normal last minute shopping people just are all down to last minute for everything this year. So, my opinion is why not do simple. Instead of buying a million gifts to buy love, get the perfect little gift or a thoughtful gift. This is the year that even a gift card is okay to get. Put a card with that gift card. Make a gift bag of candies and little essential needs for a friend. For that special person find the perfect ornament.

I am not stressing about it this year because life is stressful. The holidays should be about loving what you have in your life. I hope you all can remember the spirit of Christmas. I know I am!

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