• Kathryn Bollinger


Ever felt like you were having a heart attack? How about that tightness in your stomach where you just feel sick but 30 seconds ago you were perfectly fine. What about being in a a crowd and out of nowhere you feel dizzy, sweaty, and nauseous? These are only a couple common symptoms that people have when they experience anxiety. It can come on suddenly or gradually over a few minutes or hours. But it manifests in all kinds of ways affecting us physically and mentally.

A lot of people have experienced anxiety in their lifetime. Most people can experience this from a stressful situation that they just have a hard time dealing with. Others develop anxiety disorders. But this is something that we need to be aware of and able to speak more comfortably about. I feel that anxiety is not taken seriously sometimes because when people do not understand it they think that it is just an emotion that can "go away". This is because people do not understand what it is. Anxiety is real and it "does not just go away"!

I will be talking about my experiences with anxiety in my blog. I will try to help others understand what anxiety is all about. I hope that people feel safe when they read my story. This blog will be about many other things though. As this is about life and life has many dimensions to it!

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