• Kathryn Bollinger

Anxiety Hormones Stress = CrAzInEsS

Anxiety does not make you crazy.

Hormones do not make you crazy.

They both make you feel crazy though.

And stress...well that is something that we all deal with in life. There is everyday stressors and the ones that are bigger. Those are the ones that become too much and cause health issues.

Bottom is hard to deal with just one of these but all of them can be a challenge.

Anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of. I am still learning that. Some days are better than others. I can sit here and talk about it all day but I still have many times when I cannot control it. This weekend was a bad episode for me. You cannot blame yourself, you cannot blame anxiety alone, you cannot blame anyone else either. It is just something that you have to learn how to live with and handle each situation differently. No one person can say that anxiety will go away because it will not. It can be "put under control" and managed but it is apart of who someone is if they have anxiety. Same as any condition or illness. Do not let it define it.

When you add this to being is a whole other ballgame. I thought when people said, hormones make you emotional was and understatement. Every doctor's visit they ask how is mood and how have you been doing. They are actually concerned because my medications were adjusted and everything was basically being micro-managed. The first trimester was hard for me as I had all kinds of issues with not only the pregnancy but complications, and just a lot going on in general with my mental health. Second trimester seemed to go a little better in all ways. I am approaching my third trimester and keep being told my hormones will rise again. As my moods have been pretty stable for the most part recently. There have been some stressors rising in the last couple weeks. This weekend I kind of broke. Emotionally I feel drained from this weekend. I completely understand how the mixture of all these things can cause overload. I did not even know what was going through my mind all weekend as I felt like an emotional wreck. Today, I looked back and could just see how crying, anxiety, and depression all played out at once. I was up and then down and angry all at once over the craziest of things.

For all the mamas out there and mamas to be, do not feel alone. It may feel like you are alone even in those moments. It is hard to even think during emotional times. Try to remember that it will pass. There will be some sort of light. This is not just for anxiety or depression. But bipolar, mood disorders, cancer, chronic pain, and everything else. There is always help and always someone to talk too. If you want to reach out to me you can. One of the best things I have come across is support groups online. I am apart of different ones to relate to different things and have made some good connections with people to just talk too.

12 more weeks give or take and my little Everly will be here. That is my motivation to keep going no matter what. Find your motivation!

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