• Kathryn Bollinger

Bringing February with a SNOW storm

Nothing like starting off a new month after a long January with a huge snow storm across the east coast. January was all about the new year. And it came but then the month was longer than ever. Yesterday we all hoped for a bunch of snow to get a snow day from work and some fun for the kids. The storm trackers kept showing a lot of snow for different areas of Maryland and Pennsylvania. This was 2-3 day storm. Then it moved once it started giving some areas less snow. Sunday, yesterday brought my area less snow than would have thought considering this far west of Maryland usually gets hard. The second part of storm came in this morning with it changing track and well everyone is getting more snow. Pennsylvania is getting little over a foot and New York is getting a blizzard. Where I am we still have some snow coming down with a foot on the ground now. My husband was even given off work from traveling to New York and that never happens. I get two extra days with him this week. Helps me from shoveling snow!

Do you guys love snow? Or hate the snow? Personally I love the calmness the snow brings. It is so peaceful and lovely to see everything all white and after the dark. Snow days are perfect for sitting inside and drinking a nice hot cup of cocoa or hot tea and watching a movie. For me, reading a good book does the trick also. We plan to get our fireplace cleaned and ready for use. That would be perfect for the next snow day. Sitting in front of the fireplace getting warm. I cannot shovel currently as I am pregnant with some issues. But I actually enjoy shoveling. I always ended up with my back killing me for days after but it was something that was well worth it. Watching the other neighbors shoveling and kids playing outside makes the quiet winter more serene when you hear families laughing and talking.

Just remember its all about the little things. I am trying to keep that in mind myself.

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