• Kathryn Bollinger

Happy Halloweenie!

Is it me or does it not even feel like Halloween? Funny considering this whole week people have had different days and different ways of celebrating the holiday. There was so much controversy on whether to take kids trick or treating or not. Not only that but whether to hold all the fall fest and halloween events in general. I talked a little about that in my last post so I wont ramble on.

Back to my point, it really does not feel like Halloween. I am not sure if it is whether it is the weather outside being so cold out of nowhere. Or if it that Corona changing everything around us today. The streets are more empty with all the restrictions. Every state, county, and area has had their schedule events, dates, and times throughout this week. Some places have done trunk or treat and some have done block parties where there are less people involved. Others have scheduled time for trick or treating on a certain night this week. A lot of parents have made the decision whether to take their children to these events. But it is definitely less active than other years.

Honestly it feels like today, October 31st, 2020 is just another day and Halloween is kind of already "over" or just obsolete. I actually had some trick or treaters last night. For me, today is a cold Saturday where I am relaxing. But this won't stop me from watching some scary movies like Micheal Myers in Halloween. I have seen all these movies on all month long but today is definitely a great day to just enjoy them. I have not seen many decorations outside and I did not decorate my house. But I just moved into my house within the last 6 months. I did put up some things on the inside of my house.

Throughout all these changes in the world today, we should still find ways to celebrate important things. Whether it is a holiday or birthday to even an accomplishment. There are always ways to find brighter sides to any situation. I am learning this myself. I think that even though people were worried about things this year, they found a way to let kids have fun in some sort of way. Life is all about enjoying the little things.

With all this I hope that all of you have made this Halloween some sort of interesting for yourself. If you enjoy scary haunted houses like my sister, I hope you went to one. If you have kids, I really hope you let them have fun and get candy in whatever way that you found safe. Everyone else out there I hope you made it out to a pumpkin patch with your loved ones. Stay safe!!!!

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