• Kathryn Bollinger

Happy Mothers Day!

I want to start off by wishing all the mothers and soon to be mothers a Happy Mothers Day! Everyone deserves to be blessed and recognized today. Being a mother is an incredible thing. It gets taken for granted on so many levels so just remember that you are doing great. Sometimes it may feel like you are not enough or doing the best but you are to that child you are raising. And yes, there are all kinds of mothers out there so nobody is excluded from this.

Do not wait for a significant other or family member or anyone to do something or say something to you either. All it will do is bring you down today. Maybe do something for yourself. Even if it is something small or a little time to yourself. This is what I am doing. Not saying people have to receive gifts and extravagant things to be happy. It is those simple things in life to make you feel good. I went out and got myself an iced decaf coffee to treat myself. Then got myself and my mother, whom has passed Mother's Day cards. I am going to watch one of our favorite movies later.

See my mother passed a few years ago and this day is still very hard for me. I was hoping that this year would be a little different with it being close to my due date and having my own little one coming into the world. Well I was wrong...I don't feel like today went how I had hoped for. And I am only missing my mom even more than ever. I am thinking about how she is not going to be here for the birth of her granddaughter and never get to be around. I am thinking about how hard my pregnancy has been and I just want her here. I do not have much family and felt alone. That is why I realize I needed to do something for myself. I want to be the best mom I can for my little girl. I made it this far right?

I want to leave you guys with this also...celebrate your mother if she passed away. I know more than anyone how hard that is. Just tell her you still think of her. She did a good job raising you.

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