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Juggling Life

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

I started this blog a couple months ago. Well A LOT of things made the last two months kind of get away from me. So I have not been on here to keep up with this. I want to share all my stories with whoever is interested in reading. If not that, I just enjoy to write. I have multiple journals as they help with my anxiety. Mentioned before, some of this blog will be about anxiety. My goal is to help others who may feel alone with mental health. And also to let others just come here for a safe space. I want to provide other resources also that I have found helpful for myself. This will also just be a journey for my life. Because out of all my writings I plan to one day write a book. I have many different ideas on books I would love to write. Sometimes it is hard to put all those ideas together. If you have anxiety then you definitely know what I mean. That is why keeping journals and writing to get all these thoughts out help!

I will start by saying, I have been fortunate enough to be able to not stress about money during this pandemic. Originally, I was working at the beginning of the pandemic. My husband and I bought our first home together when COVID first broke out in the spring. During the summer, I was having a hard time with my anxiety. My work was hour from our new home. This all became too stressful for me to handle considering I was working long days. My body felt like it was falling apart. We made the decision that I should take care of my health for a couple months and then look for work closer to our new home. Nobody anticipated COVID to go on this long and affect the economy and life like this. I only got worse after the summer. In the fall I wanted to go back to work and there were no jobs to be found. My depression took light and all I did was sit inside of my head all day. This was taking a big toll on my life and marriage. Other health issues started. All this shows that once one thing falls out of place other things do. You have to take care of yourself.

It is now the end of the year. I have been fortunate enough that my husband makes decent money and I don't need to get more stressed about something I cannot control. I would love to go back to work. I also need to take care of myself. My main focus right now is my marriage and my health. This is why in my last post I asked that people remember the Christmas spirit. Family is very important. Health is very important. Times are very hard right now. Lets be kind to each other.

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