• Kathryn Bollinger

October Has Flew Right by US

It is already a week before Halloween and then it will be November. Somehow we jumped from Corona taking over spring and running into the summer. Next thing we know, summer was gone in a flick of the eye. It seems as though September didn't even happen and we are now going through October. How did this year literally fly by like this?

So we have decorated more for fall harvest this year since it seems everyone was excited to just have something to look forward too. The crisp, cool air and pumpkin spice. Fall fun with bon fires and the start of holidays right? But Halloween is the question here. Everyone is asking if Halloween is being celebrated or if families are taking their kids out trick or treating. There lies the decisions of whether people feel it is safe to have their children go door to door. If it can be done with social distancing. Then each community is deciding what they think would be best to do this year. With all this being said, people are coming up with other ideas to enjoy the holiday with their children. Others are just not even really celebrating this year. Most of this has to do with preference. Honestly, I have not seen many houses with Halloween decorations out this year. Most houses don't have any decorations and some have pumpkins or are just doing the fall harvest theme. This makes me wonder if people are more excited to decorate for Christmas this year or are also not really in the mood for Christmas either. I guess we will find out soon enough, as Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner!

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