• Kathryn Bollinger

Sunflowers to start the Fall Season

As fall is starting, the weather is starting to get nice a cool and the leaves have changed color pretty much overnight. I sit here and think about how summer was here but it pretty much was the quickest summer ever. We all think summer could always be longer and packed with more fun, right! But seriously, this summer just went by. Honestly, I think it is because COVID came overnight one day in March. It was supposed to be a possible couple weeks but they really did not know. This has turned into 6 months now. Yes this illness is not as prominent as it was 4 months ago. But days turned into weeks which turned into the summer. Now we are into the Fall season.

As we start this fall season, I went to pick Sunflowers. I know Sunflowers are their best in the spring as with most flowers. But the spring was taken by us. When I saw this opportunity to go to a Sunflower festival, I wanted to take advantage. With the world being so different right now, why not pick a Sunflower to bring in the crisp Fall. This is my way of hoping for things to keep changing for the better. The illness is slowly decreasing with numbers and people will become more immune to it. Depending on location, more things are opening back up with safety guidelines. One day we will look back and this will be one of those illnesses that go in the books just like the others.

My sister once got me a Sunflower and left a very positive note for me. It put the biggest smile on my face during a rough time in my life. Since then I have favorited the Sunflower. Her note said "Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows. It is what sunflowers do." And this is very true. She knows my favorite memory of my mother is her singing the song, "You are my Sunshine". So I hope this Fall season as leaves are changing and the weather is changing, the world we live in keeps changing also. I hope we can all keep our hopes high and look to the sun!

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