• Kathryn Bollinger

Third Trimester!!!

I am almost to the finish line of this pregnancy. Hoping I make it to full term actually but really I am screaming to myself that I want her out of me lol. I am sure every mother knows this feeling. Well I am 30 weeks and all I can say is that it does not feel like I am going to make it. They have always told me that she might come early but now saying they hopeful for full term. So we shall see.

I know I have mentioned that I had a lot of complications throughout. I have got through all of them and she pushed through them amazingly. My body is now painfully dealing with some consequences from being pregnant but it will all be worth it in end. I am proud of myself for being able to get through this and feel as though I can handle anything. That is until the birth haha. Those nervous birth gitters are coming now. The scary thoughts about will I get through it, what if something bad happens to her or me, things may not go as planned, and well every thought that can possibly go through someone's mind. But I know it is nothing I can control.

I am just excited to meet her. I have most of the things needed for her arrival. I am prepared for if she does come a little early. But also feel as though you can never be fully ready. As I always find little things more that I need. My hospital bag is mostly packed. The only thing I did not get done which I was a little bummed about was painting her nursery. I wanted to paint her room and picked out color. With so many things going and other house projects we did not get too it. I cannot do it now as it is hard to walk and stand for long periods with this SI joint pain and back pain. I was hoping my husband would do it but he was busy with other projects whenever he was home on weekends. Instead of be upset about it, I realize it is out of my control and best to just make her nursery nice. I was thinking about getting some border wallpaper and maybe wall stickers to put up. Can always paint later on.

I really hope that she comes into this world happy and healthy. All I can do is hope these next few weeks go as best as they can. I may be uncomfortable and in a lot of pain but every time I feel her kicking it is the most amazing thing. Some people may love pregnancy but I am not one of them. I love the fact that I was able to have this experience but I will be happy when it is over and my little girl is here.

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